Most recently I've traveled to Katmandu, Nepal. I've lectured in over 45 countries and have toured as part of the US State Department Rhythm Roads and American Music Abroad programs to the Middle East, China, Russia and Mongolia utilizing hip hop as a tool for diplomacy, education and an effective means by which to facilitate cultural change. My CV is available here.


How Can I help?

Here's how:

Consultation: The gamut, utilizing; checklists, line items and questionnaires, I ensure that the business plans are solid and the sight lines to your success are clear from hidden data points. From booking and contracts - to travel, tour management and a cadre of business affairs - I can help you hone in on your path, which of course keeps you from making decisions based on factors that may lie outside of your personal career arc. 

A&R: yes I said A&R -  I evaluate and provide quantifiable data in regard to; records, singles, concepts, marketing plans and all items directly related to your artistic development. I connect the dots between clients and producers, engineers, label reps, publicists, photographers, brand ambassadors, strategists and potential mentors. 

Ideation: Ideas? Let's start creating concepts, implementing those intangible assets into reality and connecting the dots in between. I can assist in rounding out those hard to capture ideas, assist with seeing the connections between your passions and your potential benefactor/partner. You may not see the big picture and need a fresh set of eyes to see what potentially can be. Utilizing over two decades of experience and in-depth institutional knowledge,  I keep you from recreating the wheel, rather I can assist in redesigning the wheel, because frankly the wheel works,  you however, just may need something a little more efficient on which to roll around. 




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