• Consultation, Creative Direction & Ideation: I ensure that the business plans are solid and the sight lines to your success are clear - I can help you hone in on your path, vision and narrative. I help to create and interpret your ideas into tangible items.
  • A&R: Services:  I evaluate and provide quantifiable data in regard to; records, singles, concepts, marketing plans and all items directly related to your artistic development.
  • Relationship Management: I connect the dots "between" - from clients and producers, engineers, label reps, publicists, photographers to brand ambassadors, strategists, potential mentors and more.  


  • Career Development: Sound Advice: 4 part class that assists in the development of best practices to move creatives from a place of instability to stability in both career and life paradigms. 
  • Lecturer/Clinician: Lectures and Workshops regarding music and music related subjects. Including:  Vocal Improvisation (Freestyle) as it relates to both hip hop and jazz. Conflict resolution and peaceful protest through hip hop music and culture. Out the box: an introduction to DAW and music making software. Limelights: performance and the art therein. 
  • Panelist: Expert  


  • Executive to standard production services including; vocal production, songwriting and arrangement. Procurement of session musicians, studio spaces and ancillary services as needed. 
  • Scoring for television, film and social media.
  • Catalogue 4000+ sample free recordings available for licensing or purchase. 


  • Live performance experience.  
  • DJ services
  • Performance Art



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