As a Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow I am currently creating work for a multimedia project called HUBRI$.

HUBRI$ is a mixed media portrait on the experience of black masculinity mediated through the lens of the story of Icarus and Daedalus. At its nexus, the work is an amalgamation of themes that directly confront; the prison industrial complex, escapism, recidivism, depression, suicide, death and reincarnation. The work also examines society’s obsession with mediocrity, it’s relationship to celebrity, the era of shame and the way in which black men are asked to dream.

The work is presented as an audio/visual journey consisting of 12 songs that personify the subject matter, paired with portraiture and cinemagraphs, all to provide an immersive foray into the visceral experience.

..on dreams serves as a long form exploration into the metaphor of wings, flight and the concept of hubris, as it asks African/African American males from the ages of 15 to 83 to examine what their dreams are, who supported them and who or what tries to dissuade them from pursuing their passions/dreams and excellence.