Currently the Co-Chair of the P&E Committee for the Washington, DC Chapter of NARAS. I'm currently staying busy.  If you would like an original song or would like to license any of my songs for film, tv, advertising or any other purposes, contact me at Give me some insight about the project and tell me which song(s) you would like to use or what you would like to create. Please enter into the subject line "Production" so that your message doesn't get thrown in with the spam.





The idea is to post a track a day. Not as a resolution for the new year but as an end to keeping ideas hostage. I've consistently tried to make new music everyday since 1994 and have found that these ideas for music will make their way around within your own playlist of life.  Songs that I made 10 years ago could have been made yesterday or tomorrow. It's all new music, if you've never heard it before. Enjoy. Tools: X6, W30, MPC2KXL, Reason, Logic, Oxy25 & Frontal Lobe.